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On the 9th of July 1862, Charles Baddeley, M. McGregor, Roderick McDonald and Thomas Fox appended their signatures to an application to the National Board of Education, for the establishment of a school at Bombala. The letter stated that 101 boys and 122 girls lived within the area that such a school would service.


The first teacher, James Poulton, was appointed on the 24th of August 1863 and during that month 75 children were enrolled. School fees amounted to ninepence per week for the two eldest children in each family and sixpence per week for each additional child attending the School. Average school attendance ranged from 60 to 70, all of whom were taught by the one teacher in the one room. The original school building was described as "a school room and three apartments for the teacher" constructed of weatherboards and lined with wood.


(This information has been taken from 'Bombala Hub of Suthern Monaro' by Claire Schofield - Published by Bombala Shire Council in 1990).